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Hi, I'm Jai Woods, and I'm your Certified Transformational Life Coach. I'm passionate about helping ambitious women embody the person they want to be, redesign their minds for success, & create the life of their dreams. Together, we will break free from self doubt, overcome procrastination/anxieties, release concerns of what other people think, banish fear, negative self talk/thinking patterns, build unshakeable self belief/confidence & take back our life, vision, & power. You will get out of your head & into your life!

My goal is to empower you with self confidence to trust yourself, follow your spirit/intuition, & look within for your own solutions.

I look forward to working with you.

I take emotional wellness seriously.

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Self Worth Coaching

Reconnect with your vision & purpose. Identify & release sabotaging patterns & embrace healthy habits. Improve relationships including yourself.

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Thought Work Coaching

Identifying and changing negative thought patterns/self talk & limited beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals & living your dream life.

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Personal Growth Coaching

Becoming self aware. Identifying your strengths, values, and goals to create a fulfilling life that aligns with your life's vision & purpose.

Start your transformation journey today.

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Thought work has really helped me a lot with my anxiety. I'm now less reactive & no longer take things personally. The best coaching experience of my life. Coach Jai is the real deal!

Vivian K.

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I have healed and evolved so much since working with Coach Jai.She's compassionate, insightful, & very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend working with her.

Ashley K.

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Learning to love myself, self soothe & self regulate has been an absolute game changer within me & my relationships. I needed the accountability and Coach Jai did her job. I am happy with life.

Jessica Q.